A Safety Update For Club Riding

Dear All,

This year, as well as the significant rainfall we have had much higher winds than normal making cycling particularly challenging at times.  To ensure everyone’s safety we have re-assessed the risks that these high wind speeds pose to us all on a group ride and then considered a variety of control measures that could be implemented to reduce the risk of an accident occurring.  The Club Handbook is in the process of being revised to incorporate these changes however, please note the following recommendations which we request that you all comply with:

For high winds the following control measures are recommended:

1.        Maintain a high level of concentration throughout the ride, particularly be aware of the effect of gusts and crosswinds

2.        Keep a firm grip on handle bars at all times.

3.        Beware of gaps in or ends of hedge or building lines where crosswinds can gust.

4.        Give yourself a little more room to manoeuvre than usual.

5.        Consider riding single file sooner on narrow roads.

6.        Pay more attention to making sure you don’t ‘Half-Wheel’

7.        Be aware of the increased risk of wind blown debris in the road

8.        Exercise extra caution when going round bends.

9.        Leave addition distance when passing other riders and objects such as stationary cars

10.     If uncomfortable reduce speed or stop after letting others know this is what you intend to do.

11.     Communicate all concerns (What worries you probably worries others)

The Ride Coordinators will assess the wind conditions prior to the rides commencing and where appropriate the pre-ride briefings will provide details of any further control measures required (including suspension of the ride if considered necessary)

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