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During 2015 a group of road cyclists from Great Dunmow and district put together a list of cyclists who were regularly out riding on the roads in and around Great Dunmow and Essex. In 2016 the group decided to form a club and see where its goes!

Our goal is to grow a friendly and welcoming cycling club that puts safety first and encourages new members whatever their previous cycling experience. Through its web site the members of Dunmow Velo can both see what rides and events are coming up and can also post and arrange their own events through the club site administrator.

We are looking for people with the same passions, desires and interests to help develop and grow a friendly and successful cycling club in Great Dunmow. If you would like to get more involved or have some ideas and suggestions or feedback to improve please contact us through the get in touch link on this web site. For 2023/2024, our Chairperson is Mike Savage and our Secretary/ Treasurer is Alan Carter.

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By becoming a member you will be able to sign up for club rides and become involved with a passionate group of like minded individuals looking after your safety on your rides, and having fun on the journey.

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